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Peak Performance Consultants Services

Classes are customized for your industry and organizations' needs.

CPR/AED Classes

We offer CPR/AED Adult Child Infant Certification that is taught by enthusiastic, energetic instructors and is paced and tailored to the needs of each audience.  Each student will become proficient in CPR and using the AED as well as helping the choking victim.  This class is highly informative, hands-on and interactive to maximize enjoyment and retention.

First Aid Classes

Our First Aid Certification training prepares you to handle virtually any conceivable injury emergency.  Examples of topics in this comprehensive training include: bleeding and wound care, shock, heat and cold emergencies, stings and bites, choking, stroke, joint and muscle injuries, etc..  Utilizing an effective combination of role play, instruction, and hands on teaching, the student will gain the confidence to act when an emergency situation confronts him/her.

Reasonable Suspicion Classes

In our Reasonable Suspicion DOT Driver and Supervisor Training package, we fulfill all requirements for supervisors of CMV drivers in an interesting and interactive program designed to give both empowerment and confidence to drivers and supervisors to act swiftly and appropriately in situations that warrant testing for alcohol and drug abuse suspicion.

Driver Safety

Our Driver Safety Training Program is cutting edge information and interactive, including all aspects of driver expectations and cell phone use to minimize accidents and fulfill liability insurer’s requirements for maximum protection to the organization.  This program is designed to surround your drivers with appropriate road rules, defensive driving techniques, and specific rules that you have in place for your group.

Blood-borne Pathogens

Blood-borne Pathogens and exposure control is a major concern in healthcare and industry where your employees can be expected to come in contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials.  We offer a lively and interactive training that includes all aspects of the BBP Standard for yearly training for your staff and can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs including needle safety and equipment handling.


Ergonomics programs in organizations have proven to increase productivity and employee satisfaction and retention in the workplace.  We have a multi-tiered ergonomics program at Peak Performance Consultants.  We provide ergonomics training to groups in the classroom and then assess individual workstations to ensure a safer and healthier work environment for all.  Our classroom training focuses on creating a better understanding of body mechanics and balance.  We further review environmental and personal risk factors that typically increase the risk of accidents and pain at work.  Our classroom programs also include practical activities designed to increase energy, improve posture and strength through stretching and exercise training for all participants based on physical condition.  In the individual workstation assessment component, we design optimal sitting, standing, lifting, and machine operating for employees that focuses on repetitive motion and personal positioning to create maximum protection against workplace injury.

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